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Utility for Professionals

Use this statewide network for support, networking, collaboration, feedback, partnerships for grant writing, professional development, sharing resources and expertise.

A State organization geographically opens the doors to opportunities above to collaborate with like-minded professionals across the state, adding to the rigor in quality initiatives and state-wide professional standards.


Keep up to date with our WICFR website, our members-only Facebook, Pinterest, and WordPress Blog where we will be discussing he latest news, featuring members’ work, research and policy in the Family fields, share job and grant opportunities, share new ideas and help each other find resources, and when necessary, provide a unified voice for families and prioritizing family well-being initiatives in Wisconsin.


Be part of our annual conference which is held in conjunction with the International Student Family Life Conference annually in April. This joint conference allows us to support new professionals joining our ranks, and is an excellent opportunity to both mentor new professionals and build your professional development opportunities and network with veteran professionals.

WICFR Membership Rates

> Professional (NCFR Member): $35

> Student (Non-NCFR Member): $25

> Student (NCFR Member): Free

Click Here to become a WICFR member!! By clicking the link, you will be directed to the page where you can sign up to become a member.

Students and professionals wishing to join our parent organization, the National Council on Family Relations, can find more information on the NCFR website, or click here to become an NCFR member today!

Questions about joining?

Contact our membership chair, Madyson Main